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Is your work environment fun?

I was never known as the class clown in school growing up. In fact, I was so afraid of breaking the rules or getting out of line, that I would get upset with those that did. Big mistake, school would have been a whole lot better if I wasn't wrapped so tight. Some might argue I still am, but we don't talk about them.

However, somehow in my late 40's, there was a transformation and I became known at my place of employment as the ... "practical joker" or "that boy just ain't right" or "you're soooooo weird" or as I would like to think of it, the guy that just wanted to make work a little more interesting (for everyone).

Answering intra-office phone calls with ... "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?", or "Mr. Paul not here, you call back 5/10 minutes", became the norm. Having golf putting competitions in the hallway were a regular occurrence. Even placing my desk chair next to the window, facing east and proclaiming it was 10 minutes to Wapner, yeah, 10 minutes to Wapner, was known to happen every once in awhile.

Then there were things that required a little more thought, creativity and effort ...

The photo below of an office mailbox is one of my personal favorites. From first glance the top mailbox appears empty ... "move along, nothing to see here" ... however, behind this facade was plenty of unanswered mail, office memos and perhaps some lunch order menus. This brilliant disguise was achieved by first taking a digital photo of an empty mailbox, then printing a full size color image of the photo, trimming the edges and then skillfully taping it over the mailbox. Average time for owner to realize the box was fake ... 3 to 5 days.

A second mischiefly conceived and strategicly achieved practical joke is the computer desktop image switch. While a co-worker was on vacation, I replaced the boring stock peaceful scenic mountain landscape photo on her computer desktop with the creepy "living dead" photo of myself. Don't worry, after a brief panic attack, she was able to resume normal work activities ... primarily stalking Kid Rock.

practical joke of computer desktop image switch

And rest assured that Halloween isn't just for kids, nor for residential neighborhoods. The image below speaks for itself.

So ask yourself if you're having fun at work. If I was able to transform myself, so can you. Get out there and have FUN, life is too short not to.

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