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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I'm part of the WIX ARENA community. A directory of WIX Experts that have been certified by WIX to be able to assist others with the design of their websites. In order to be certified, I had to submit examples of the websites I've designed using the WIX.COM platform, as well as links to my own website (www.fattorimedia.com) and social media profiles.

One of the reasons I often select the WIX platform to build a website for a client is the user friendly-ness of the platform. Unlike most web designers, I turn over full ownership of the sites I build. This is done in order to save my clients money. I provide instruction on the use of the WIX dashboard, so that they may make minor changes or updates to the website.

However, there are a lot of people out there that see the ads for "build your own website" and think to themselves, how hard can it be. Well, in a six month period last year, over 125 people contacted me through the WIX ARENA community to help them with the design/redesign of the websites they were attempting to build themselves. For one reason or another, the site wasn't looking or functioning they way they had hoped.

Granted, WIX does have some very nice templates that DIY'ers can take advantage of when building a website. However, the text fields, graphics and color schemes are pre-set to the particular template they have selected. Problems arise when DIY folks edit these fields with their own text, graphics or logos, and things start to ... not fit right or look right.

Think about what you are trying to achieve. A website might be the first place your next potential client might learn about your services or products, but it's not the only place. Are you portraying a consistent theme across all of your marketing platforms ... from logo design, brochures, letterhead, social media platforms and your website. Hiring a professional from the start is the better and often less expensive option in the long run.

Eliminate the frustration and hire a professional.

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