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Updated: Jul 5, 2019

There a many reasons to join a business networking group. Connecting with other business professionals, expanding your business exposure and getting referrals to grow your business, are just a few.

Last fall, I joined such a group, Business Executives Inc. BEI is the oldest business networking group in the northern half of Palm Beach county. Founded in 1972, BEI meets every Thursday morning for breakfast at Berry Fresh Cafe in Jupiter, Florida.

Initially, I joined this group for the reasons listed above. However, I quickly came to learn there are a few other reasons that make this group special.

1: Charitable ... Back in February, BEI President Jim Kaminske, of Creative Illuminations, presented a check, to Rochelle Nolan, the Gift Planning Director at Palm Beach State College, for BEI's perpetual scholarship fund. Helping others is a primary focus of this group. Not just for it's members, but for others in our community.

Business Executives Inc. making a donation to Palm Beach State College scholarship fund.

2: Social ... Every other month, the group meets for an evening social. As if the regular morning business meetings aren't casual enough, here we are at Papichulo Tacos in Tequesta, FL in April. When you have the opportunity to sit and talk to people on a more personal level, you get to know their story and what they are all about. Business connections quickly transform into friendships.

3: Informative ... They say knowledge is power. Hearing a member give their "craft talk" each week, provides insight into their particular industry. Having this information can save you money and headaches, as well as build a stronger bond with your customers as you refer them to the other business members of the group.

If any of these reasons interest you and you would like to know more about this lively cast of characters, please let me know. I'd love to have you join us one Thursday morning for breakfast, as my guest.

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