• Paul L. Fattori


Updated: Jun 18, 2021

In today's digital world, it's an absolute necessity your business have an active social media presence. For those of you that are "old school" marketers and just don't know where to begin, this blog post will hopefully provide you with some direction.

Your potential customers are not reading newspapers or magazines as they once did, and the majority of items they receive in the mail go directly to the recycle bin. Their connection to the outside world is on one of several social media platforms. Over 300 million of them are on Twitter, over a billion on Instagram and well over 2 billion on Facebook.

Perhaps you've already tried to start a Facebook page or Instagram profile, but got discouraged after just a few posts, because you weren't getting immediate results. It's time to get your business in front of more potential consumers and convert them to customers. Here are six tips to get you started.

  1. Use the proper tools for the job. In the brick and mortar world, it's ... LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. However, in the digital world, it's QUANTITY, QUANTITY, QUANTITY. Studies have shown that if you want to get noticed, you need to post up to fifteen times a day. Finding the time, as a business owner, is difficult to achieve. However, there are tools to help get this done in an effective manner. Selecting one of these tools will save you time by logging into one account to manage all of your social media platforms. They allow you to schedule posts in advance and at the most optimal times to reach the most users. They also provide analytics to see how your posts are performing.

  2. Provide improved customer service. You don't often think of social media posts as a means to provide customer service. However, a lot of your followers will turn to your social media feed, rather than call or write an email, to get the most current information. In fact, 54% of customers prefer this over traditional methods. Your posts don't always need to be SELL, SELL, SELL, you can redirect them to HELP, HELP, HELP, allowing customers to get answers to their questions themselves.

  3. Let them know you have social media accounts. Just because customers are visiting your store or website, doesn't mean they are following you or even know that you have social media profiles. Don't expect your customers to go looking for them themselves. Make it easy for them by having links clearly visible on your website, at the end of your blog posts, and even in your email signature. Don't be afraid to ask them to follow you. The more people know about you, the bigger and faster it will grow.

  4. Stay current on what's trending. By adding the right hashtags to your post can put your profile in front of a lot of new potential customers. It's important to know what is trending in the digital world. While it is helpful to use hashtags that are relevant to your industry, they don't have to be. A useful tool is to go to Twitter and review the list of the top trending hashtags on the right side of the homepage. If it's ... #NationalTakeYourDogToWorkDay ... why not post a pic of your dog and use the trending hashtag.

  5. "You look marvelous". People are scrolling through their social media feed so fast, your posts have to catch their eye. One of my pet peeves is a post that isn't sized properly for the platform and half of the post is cut off. Using a service, such as CANVA, can help you size your posts to whatever platform you are posting to. Canva also provides pre-designed templates. Try to avoid using stock photos, instead "document" what's going on in your business world. Behind the scenes images of your employees producing your product or actual customers using them, make for interesting posts.

  6. Dialogue not monologue. Everyone likes to be noticed and recognized, so when someone comments on one of your posts, reply or at the very least, "like" their comment. Potential followers like to see that you are having a back and forth dialogue with them, and not a one way monologue. Engaging with your followers not only increases your social media presence, it will build relationships, and in the end, that's what it's all about. Another way to create dialogue is to provide your comments on other profiles (business or personal). Find the top hashtags for your industry, then comment on the top posts for those hashtags. Potential customers that didn't know you existed will now be able to discover you.

I believe that if you use these 6 simple tips, you'll get more likes and follows and gain more loyal customers as well. You got this! Happy posting!

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