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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

At the MozCon event (an SEO Conference) in 2015, Dana DiTomaso, the President of Kick Point said ...

“Your brand is your promise.”

Your brand sets the stage for clients’ expectations.  So, what is your brand saying about your business? Does it properly convey who you are and what you're passionate about?

When creating or modifying your brand, it’s important to consider how others view it, so don't just ask yourself, ask existing and potential customers. Or better yet, your friends and family, chances are, they will be brutally honest. Ask them what image comes to mind when they look at your logo, business card, marketing materials, website and social media platforms. Are all of the platforms consistent with color, font, logo and most importantly MESSAGE?

The message of your brand should be guided by a set of morals and values. More importantly, it's how you act on those morals and values. The values should be clearly reflected in your ... marketing, customer service and community involvement.

Take a look at the business card below and what do you see?. The first thing that comes to my mind is ... nothing. There is nothing about this card that will help me remember the business or what they are all about. It's just another Certified Public Accountant. I want to work with someone that is passionate about their business, their clients, their community and LIFE, and that needs to come across in their branding.



Start with your company name, it doesn’t need to describe exactly what you do, but it should be relevant and EASY to remember. If the product or service you provide isn't in the name, you can add a tag line which will tell potential customers more specifically what you sell or service you provide.


The logo is critical, because it will be the first thing people see when you hand them your business card, marketing material or visit your website. Regarding the business card above, we talked to our client to find out more about them and their business. What was their personality, what did they enjoy, what made them different from the other CPA's. One of the details we learned was that the firm was formed in 1988. Having an established history is important to your brand. We also discovered that in addition to accounting, the firm also provided tax preparation and consulting services. Bringing these details together with a strong bold new font, the logo was born and the beginnings of a new brand was formed.


Once the logo was established, we moved onto the business cards. From our discussions, we learned they were passionate about the outdoors, the ocean, island life and boating. A color was selected to reflect this vision of the sea and sky. A cleaner and larger font was selected for the back of the card to list the contact information.


A Trifold brochure was designed to continue with the ocean theme. A photograph, taken by the owner, was used on the inside of the brochure. Two tag lines were developed for the front cover ...

  • Providing A Personal Approach To Accounting

  • Planning The Future Today

Now when we look at the business card and brochure we have a completely different image in our mind. We think to ourselves ... The firm is well established as they have been in business since 1988, they offer additional services beyond traditional accounting, they're passionate about the ocean and nature and one gets the feeling that working with them, as a personal advisor rather then simply preparing my tax return, that my business will grow allowing me to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us here in South Florida and the Islands.

TO BE CONTINUED ... Stay tuned as we take the next steps to building a brand.

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