• Paul L. Fattori


1: Your "Elevator Pitch":

Describe your business in a few sentences … The What you do, How you do it and most importantly, Why you do it. Simon Sinek uses a model called The Golden Circle to explain how legendary leaders like Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Wright brothers were able to inspire, rather than manipulate, in order to motivate people. It is the framework for the WHY. CLICK HERE for more information.

2: What are your goals for the project?

Are you trying to increase the number of visitors to your existing website? Greater engagement via blog? Increase brand visibility or encourage sign up for newsletter?

3: Who is your target audience?

What are their purchasing habits? This will determine appearance, layout and navigation of the website.

4: What specific features do you want on the site?

Online bookings, blog, chat, social media integration, or photo galleries, mobile site, videos, contact form. Do you have color and font preferences?

5: Who are your main competitors?

What do you like about their sites? What makes you different from your competitors?

Knowing a unique selling point will help design a site that stands apart from your competitors. To avoid additional costs, know what your budget is and have all of your content, images and text, ready to deliver to the developer all at once. These simple steps will save time and lead to an efficient and productive website.

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