• Paul L. Fattori


Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Recently, a client had a request for a unique feature to be built into a website I was designing for them. They asked if a black & white photo could change to full color, when the mouse/cursor scrolled over the photo. The client had seen this effect on the website for Tiger Woods, and really liked how it looked.

After checking out Tiger's website for myself and seeing what they were talking about, I too thought the feature was effective. It provided a bit of dynamic action rather then having a stagnant photo.

It was obvious the effect was possible, since it was already done for Tiger, however, I had never created a site with this effect. I was definitely up for the challenge. A few weeks prior to the request, I had been approved by Wix to have access to the coding capability within the Wix editor. Wix Code opens up endless possibilities of how you can customize a website, and I wanted to take full advantage of this ability.

After a bit of research, I learned the desired effect could be achieved with the writing of some code. I entered the code along with a few additional elements and the change from black & white to color was achieved.

You can check it out for yourself, either by watching the brief video below are going directly to the website George H. Morris Clinics.

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