• Paul L. Fattori


Updated: Aug 2, 2020

I imagine we all have some cherished childhood memories of growing up. For me, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey in the 1960's and '70's, was a time of carefree adventure.

When my wife asked me to produce a promotional video for our online shop of home decor items (Dixie & Grace), my thoughts immediately went to one such childhood memory of arriving back home, after a full day of ...

... bike riding from one friends house to another, swimming at the "Old Mill" pond, buying a pack of baseball cards at Fusco's Market and then rifling through them outside (got-em, got-em, need-em, got-em, need-em, need-em), trading away the ones I already had in my collection, then starting up a game of whiffle ball in somebody's backyard, imitating the batting styles of several New York Yankee players.

When I got back home on those long summer days, there was just this feeling of comfort. My mom's pot roast would have been simmering on the stove all day and the smell of garlic and red wine would awaken the soul. My bedroom was my sanctuary, a place to lie on the bed and reflect on the activities of the day.

I wanted to try and have the video portray that emotion of being excited to get back home after a long day of adventure. Our homes should be that place of welcome.

Enjoy! Stay forever young!

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